How the Process Works

We provide a customized employment experience which focuses efforts on matching an employee’s abilities, strengths, interests and requirements with a job that meets the employer’s needs. This highly tailored process forms a strong relationship between the employee, employer and FFT!

We work with the employer to either fill a job opening they already have or to create a customized job that fits everybody’s needs, skills, and interest.

Once a job is identified, the FFT Employment Specialist:

• Helps the new hire learn and perform the specific tasks of his or her job
• Coaches the employee in understanding the company culture
• Clarifies job expectations for the employee and employer
• Communicates any reasonable accommodations, if needed

At an agreed-upon time, the FFT Employment Specialist will reduce their presence to allow the employee to gain independence and become part of the team, but will continue to check in as needed. When job duties change or responsibilities are added, the Employment Specialist can step back in for additional training or coaching if the employee needs extra assistance.

Once the employee has reached a stabilized point on the job and his/her success has been proven, FFT will step back to allow for a more traditional employer/employee relationship to continue. This is an exciting and wonderful achievement for all that are involved!!

Success happens when opportunity meets preparation!